Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Korea - Europe

In close cooperation with partners in the national and international Steinbeis Network consisting of more than 600 Steinbeis Transfer Centres and partners in 40 countries, objectives are being analysed and defined, projects prepared and executed in an result-oriented manner.


Establishment of company-company cooperations in 4 continents

Establishment of sales & distribution representations for foreign companies in Europe and European companies in Europe and in foreign countries

Acqusition of competitive suppliers and establishment of international procurement relationships

Acquistion of licensing partners for manufacturing and sales/distribution

Market, product and technology investigations, state-of-the-art screenings

Execution of joint R&D projects

Contracting and contract negotiation


Project experiences with focus on

  • EU-countries
  • Asia (Japan, South Korea, India) as well as
  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, Macedonia)
  •  United Arabian Emirates (Dubai, Egypt, Tunesia)

Project examples executed in collaboration with pertinent experts (5 categories)

  • Sales & distribution/licensing Establishment of sales cooperation and licensing agreement for recycling process for lubricants in metall processing industry, France, South Korea
  • Establishment of sales cooperation and licensing agreement for soil decontamination process, France
  • Establishment of sales representative for spare parts in process automation industry, France
  • Establishment of sales cooperation for automation robot systems in automobile industry, UK-Japan
  • Establishment of sales representative for special industrial glue and presses, Germany-Japan
  • Establishment of sales representative for a new recycling system for edible oil

Manufacturing and supply

  • Establishment of joint venture for production of cheminées, Switzerland-Romania
  • Establishment of supply cooperation for components for plasma sterilisation process, UK-Germany
  • Establishment of supply cooperation for electronic entertainment products, South Korea/Taiwan-Germany
  • Establishment of supply cooperation for parts and components in telecommunication, India-Germany
  • Establishment of supply cooperation for medical products, Japan-Germany
  • Establishment of supply cooperation for organic food, Eastern Europe, India-Switzerland

Research and Development

  • Development of an new RFID-system with innovative applications
  • Execution of and coordination of diverse development projects in aluminium - the casting in the automobile sector
  • Development of a new sterilisation process for medical and food industry
  • Feasibility study for the development of a novel magnet drive system
  • Feasibility study towards the applicability of novel materials in high-temperature ceramic tools
  • Analysis of a novel 3D-software for the visualisation of CT and MRI-images

Market/technology screening (state-of-the-art technology)

  • Market research for diverse components and devices in information and telecommunication (ICT)
  • Market research (product and distribution) in high-end electronic systems
  • Market research for high-end quartz oscillatores for diverse applications and demands
  • Market research (state-of-the-art) for fuel cell technology and related components
  • Application specific market research for diffusion welding systems
  • Market and system research in the building air-conditioning systems
  • Market research in the teleradiology and archiving of medical data
  • Product research for pharmaceutical products and substances for a manufacturer of ophthalmological products
  • Research on novel products and substances for a manufacturer of cosmetics and food supplements/nutraceuticals
  • Market and product research for special photovoltaic components
  • Market and technology screening for diverse soil remediation technologies in Europe and USA, Canada
  • Market and technology screening for waste gas cleaning systems in Europe and USA
  • Market and technology screening for novel manufacturing processes for bio-ethanol
  • Technology screening for filtering of mercury from waste gas
  • Technology screening for sewer robots
  • Technology screening for plastic recycling processes

Evaluations (company, technology, brand)

  • Evaluation of company and its technology for preparing licensing negotiations
  • Evaluation of technology and market for a manufacturer of high-end electronic components as a decision base investment in production lines and negotiations with investors
  • Patent evaluation as integrated company value (chemical industry)

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